Award-winning director/DP, editor and producer MARC CADIEUX has developed his colorful sense of film making to embrace projects of infinite proportions.

His unique approach to telling a story on film was also instrumental in boosting American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney’s rapid public awareness. He produced, directed and edited a vast majority of American Apparel’s earlier and most important in-house films. Marc’s distinctive documentary style captured both the essence of Dov’s colorful and at times controversial personality and American Apparel’s socially and sexually charged unorthodox approach to business and fashion.

Marc directed the documentary of Music Bridges Over Troubled Waters, a historic exchange in Cuba, working closely with legendary director of photography Haskell Wexler.  Chronicling this week-long musical collaboration in Havana, the documentary features Woody Harrelson, Burt BacharachBonnie RaittLisa LoebStewart Copeland and Andy Summers of The PoliceMichael Franti, Mick FleetwoodMe’shell NdegeocelloJimmy BuffetPeter FramptonDuncan Sheik, among many others.

Marc has directed, edited and produced commercials spots for prominent companies such as PepsiNikeGuessNivea, Levi’sGulf OilMcDonaldsPioneer ElectronicsNissanChevrolet, among many others.  His meticulous eye for casting also enhances the powerful imagery he so gracefully projects to the screen.

Marc extended his endeavors to include documentaries and his award-winning short film La Pension under his own company the Directors Film Company, France and has filmed/directed and edited music icon Tom Waits’ Real Gone European Tour, his Orphan’s Tour and the Glitter and Doom Tours.

Marc has co-written several feature length screenplays that are currently in development and he recently wrote and published his first award winning novel “Christmas Nevermore – An Ecological Christmas Fable”.


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